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McLaren F1-GTR bevel gear

From the bevel gear to the drive gear sets: Custom gear technology

Gear parts are fitted to all vehicle types in a variety of forms, whether as bevel gears or helical spur gears. Whether it be a Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati or a Mercedes. Gears are fitted to the engine and its periphery, both in the gearbox and the drive axle/differential as well. Then there are areas such as the steering or other auxiliary drives. Hardly any classic car would even get out of the blocks without the pinion on the starter or the gear rim on the flywheel. But this dependency merely compounds the problem if the gear parts are severely worn or even fail. While spares or a reasonable used part are on hand for some vehicles, owners of other models, and particularly the more exotic ones, are often left kicking their heels.

Get in touch with us. Send us your defective part. We will check it thoroughly and see whether we can build the part you need. You will receive from us a free and unbinding quotation for the entire production, including the material, heat treatment, measurements and drawing.

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