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Our solution: real added value for you

You can’t get hold of the spare part you need anymore? Or is it only available in dubious quality and from obscure sources?

  • We can help if you need crown wheel and pinion sets or another gear part.

Is the gear ratio on your racer all it could be for out on the track? Do you need to modify your vehicle’s overall gear ratio?

  • Just contact us. Together we’ll find a solution.

Is one of your gear parts as durable as you need it to be? Is your rear axle “whirring”?

  • We’ll give you all the advice and assistance you need and will gladly provide sophisticated components that are built specifically for your needs.


Custom solutions: examples



  • One customer needed a spur gear set with a modified gear ratio between the engine and the gearbox for installation into a performance-enhanced vehicle. The requested gear ratio was impossible in its original design with three spur gears due to the centre distance and the housing, so we found a solution with a double spur gear in the centre. Since then, these gear sets have been successfully installed with varying ratios in a number of vehicles.



  • Downstream gear parts often pay the price for significant performance enhancement. This applies particularly to the crown wheel and pinion set on the drive axle. Then there are outside influences that impact noticeably on the gears, for instance if the car jumps when going over a hill and then comes back down again. We frequently encounter customers whose gear sets have broken during this kind of manoeuvre. In one specific case, we designed the helical gearing for maximum durability and improved details in the geometry of the pinion. As always, we only used the ideal materials and applied the best possible heat treatment. After all, there’s barely any other factor that is as important for letting the gears run smoothly as surface hardness, combined with excellent core strength. We then treated the surface of the gears with shot peening and blasting to ensure better protection against the formation of stress cracks and to prevent excessive stress.


Dedication and service

  • The crown wheel and pinion set on the drive axle of an extremely rare, classic car of Italian origin failed during a race. The next race, however, was scheduled for just three weeks later, meaning that the customer needed a replacement quite quickly after he sent us the broken part. In the end we had less than two weeks to wrap up the whole process: measurement, designing, drawing, preparing the specs, and the whole production including the heat treatment. The usual delivery time for a job like this is 9–11 weeks. But to the delight of the customer, we were able to get the red sportster ready to start on time, although it took an exceptional effort and plenty of night shifts.

These are just three examples we have selected from an abundance of individual assignments and solutions. We’d be glad to meet with you in person to discuss other examples and to explore whether we have already accomplished what you have in mind.

We offer you quality from a single source. All of it made in Bremen!

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