High-quality crown wheel and pinion sets and gear parts

TANDLER: A passion for gearing technology and motor racing


We are a gear manufacturer that produces new gears based on models or drawings, from the measurements and engineering, to complete production and heat treatment, and all of it in our factory in Bremen.

Crown wheel and pinion sets (CWPs) are our speciality. We also manufacture a range of other gear and transmission parts as well: differential gears, gearwheels or oil pump wheels, etc. Our outstanding range of capabilities makes many things possible. We attach the utmost importance to quality and precision. We are not restricted to any particular make or model. Whether it’s a Porsche or Ferrari, Alfa Romeo or Citroen, Maserati or Toyota, pre-war vehicle or Formula 1 racer, a rally car or a tractor, just tell us what you need, and we’ll look after the rest.

Your primary contact here, Jörg Pohlmann, has a passion for classic cars as well and competes in mountain races in the Alfetta GTV 2.0 Stradale he restored himself. So you can be certain of finding an understanding ear as well as a competent set of hands for your concerns and requirements.

Contact us. We are always delighted to be faced with new challenges!

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