High-quality production

Superior precision gearing parts – made in Germany

Perhaps you are asking why you should entrust us of all people to manufacture the gear parts you need for your beloved hobby. Why not simply have your piece cut in the next milling shop “round the corner” or order your component at an unbeatable price (from unknown origins) online?

The name TANDLER has stood as an epitome for quality since 1949. And then there is the first-class service we offer. What we want, is for you to be happy. We can win you over with:

  • over 7 decades of experience in the production of gears
  • an experienced, specialised and loyal workforce
  • specialisation in custom builds from just one piece
  • production of state-of-the-art machinery according to the latest methods
  • use of ideal materials
  • material finishing in our own hardening shops
  • always being one step ahead
Ferrari Testarossa / 512BB 1.Gang