Brand-specific customised products

Our wheel sets and gearing parts for your racing car – regardless of brand

Many of our crown wheel and pinion sets and gearing parts are custom built to customer specs, usually in batches of between one and three. But recent years have shown that there are certainly products that are requested and ordered more frequently, sometimes in large batches. Here are a few examples:

Depending on the requested gear ratio, most of the products listed here are available on short notice or are even kept in stock.

Please note that some of the carmakers may have made technical changes to their current series, so we advise that you send us the original CWP set if you are interested in any of the products. This way we can check that all of the dimensions match our data. You can of course return any of our gear parts in the rare event that they do not fit. And you can be certain that we will find an alternative solution.