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Gear parts for Alfa Romeo

The name Alfa Romeo has been synonymous with all kinds of sports cars, from coupés to convertibles and estates, since 1910. And the designs have always been eye-catching. The company created quite a buzz on the racetracks as well. The first Formula 1 title went to Alfa, and later on it also clocked up numerous other victories on the sports and touring car circuits. Milestones in the company’s development doubtless included the Giulia GTs, the transaxle vehicles, and dreams in the guise of sports cars such as the Alfa 33 Stradale or the current 4C.

Recent years have been quieter for the grand old brand from Milan, but now it is boldly re-entering the fray with a clear nod to its traditional virtues: fantastic engines in beautiful bodies, and finally a rear-wheel drive in a sophisticated chassis. Unlike Ferrari and Maserati, Alfa Romeo always built affordable dreams. So if you need gear parts, we have plenty of experience with the make with the scudetto.

  • Alfa Romeo model 105 CWP set 11/41
  • Alfa Romeo model 102/106 CWP set 9/34
  • Alfa Romeo P3 CWP set 11/36
  • Alfa Romeo 75 CWP set 9/44
  • Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 CWP set 13/52

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