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TANDLER – Custom-built quality

Custom-built: optimised for your requirements

We are specialised in the construction of spiral bevel gears like the ones usually fitted to the drive axle, so-called crown wheel and pinion sets (CWP). Essentially there are two different types:

  1. without axis offset (the central axes of the pinion and crown wheel intersect at one point)
  2. with axis offset (the pinion’s central axis is above or below the crown wheel’s central axis)

In the first case, we only need you to send us the CWP set to prepare our quotation; but in the second case we also require the exact offset. if you do not have this information, we can still take the housing to determine the center distances on our 3-D measuring machine. We then use your old CWP set and the offset (if available) to redesign the gearing based on modern standards; it is your decision whether you want to keep the original gear ratio or would prefer a modification. In this regard, there are limits to the engineering and geometric possibilities that will have to be observed.

Making the gears for a drive wheel pair is rarely a problem for us. But there are some scenarios that may complicate matters. These may include:

  • inner profiles
  • synchronous gears
  • gear shafts with tightly arranged, fixed gearwheels

The following is true for all gear parts: You send us your part (or the drawings if available), and we can then check how far our production technology can help you. We will then cooperate closely with you to identify the ideal solution. And you can be certain: true to our Hanseatic roots, we will tell you straight up if we are unable to manufacture your part, or if doing so would make no financial sense at all.

We shall send you an unbinding quotation at no charge, and then you can decide on whether you want to place the order. In a positive scenario, we might ask you to send us the counter parts as well in order to ensure an ideal fit. And it’s no problem at all if you should decide against having your part built! We shall return your treasured gear part, and look forward to the next challenging assignment you send us. Rest assured, our doors will always be open to you.


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