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Manufacturing: Experienced with state-of-the-art equipment

We offer you:

  • Advice and service:
    • Tell us what you need, we shall listen.
    • We will give you tips on how best to complete your project
    • You will benefit from our experience with gearing technology
    • We shall send you an unbinding quotation at no charge
    • And we’ll treat the parts you send us as if they were our own
  • Designing gears:
    • We use the parts you send us to determine the original gearing data
    • Our cutting-edge software lets us recreate the gears according to modern standards
    • The gears are optimised for smooth running and durability
    • We check and calculate your preferred gear ratio/modifications
  • Preparation of drawings:
    • We meticulously measure your sample parts
    • You will benefit from the highly precise measurement equipment such as our 3-D measuring machine or the gear measuring machines produced by Klingelnberg, which are installed in air conditioned rooms
    • Once the measurements are taken, we use our 3-D CAD system to produce the manufacturing drawings, which we then double check.
  • Manufacturing:
    • we produce everything ourselves in our factory in Bremen, apart from standardised parts such as seals, screws or bearings
    • We only use high-quality, gear-optimised materials
    • Our manufacturing standards are nothing short of excellent
    • Our manufacturing systems can accommodate batches of one and are ideal for small production runs
    • The production control tool FELIOS ensures stringent adherence to delivery schedules.
  • Our modern machinery is equipped for the following work:
    • sawing
    • milling (5-axes)
    • turning (with rotating tools)
    • gearing (bevel and spur gears etc.)
    • grinding, inside and outside
    • profile grinding, inside and outside
    • gear grinding (bevel and spur gears etc.)
    • levelling
    • eroding
    • signing
    • lapping
  • Quality management:
    • Complete in-process quality control during each stage of work
    • Traceability of individual production steps
    • Final inspection before shipping
    • Precision measurement of the installation dimensions with wear pattern inspection
  • Heat treatment in our own hardening shops in Bremen and Hamburg:
    • Immense experience in the heat treatment of complex gear parts
    • We use spectral analysis and hardness measurement technology to determine the precise material composition and state of the sent parts
    • Practically all heat treatment procedures are possible:
      • Case hardening/carburization
      • Hardening/tempering
      • Gas nitriding
      • TAN-Ox
      • Soft nitriding (QPQ)
      • Vacuum hardening
      • Inductive hardening
      • Stress relief heat treatment

You receive everything from a single source at TANDLER. Meticulously engineered by experienced specialists and produced on state-of-the-art machinery. With precision and love. All of it made in Germany.

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