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Nothing lasts forever.

Not even those like us, classic car and motor racing enthusiasts, are spared this fate. However much we care for our loved-ones, something is bound to give up the ghost, sooner or later. Rust aside, the natural enemies of our vintage automobiles include wear, overload and material fatigue. Things start to get tricky when parts become unavailable or are only obtainable in dubious quality. And sound advice is often pricey when the defective part keeps the vehicle in the garage.

This applies especially to gear parts. Defects in the hard-working bevel gear sets on the drive axle, for instance, can put the entire vehicle out of service. The same is true of gearwheels and shafts. But even seemingly minor issues like problems with the oil pump, not to mention the camshaft drives, can often have serious consequences as well.

This is where we step in. We can help you in this predicament. At our factory in Bremen, we are able to build new gear parts, including single pieces, based on the parts you send us, and even if they are defective. Crown wheel and pinion sets are our speciality. In many cases we are also able to build replicas of spur gears, differentials, profiled shafts or oil pump wheels.

Maybe you also have special requests. Often we are asked if we can change the gear ratio or produce reinforced versions of individual parts. Performance-enhanced engines or certain environments can often necessitate this kind of modification. We can make that possible.

And in doing so, we attach the utmost importance to uncompromising quality and durability, using only the best materials and by applying rigorous quality controls. Fit and forget: that’s our motto.

Of course the TANDLER gear parts are as mortal as the rest of us, but we do everything we can to build them to last.


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