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Tandler oil pumps

Gearing technology for engines: Precision for your powerhouse

  • Is your oil pump worn or not pumping as well as it once did?
  • Is your camshaft drive too loose or defective?
  • Do you need spares for intermediate shafts or auxiliary drives?
  • Do any engine modifications require changes to the engine’s periphery as well?

The engine is the beating heart of your vehicle. So you need to get help as quickly as possible if it stops working properly. The camshafts may be one source of your problems, if there is too much play, the timing will be out of sync. We are able to manufacture spur gears, upright drive shafts or sprockets based on the parts that you send us.

A vital component, the oil pump, may also start showing signs of wear after decades in action. Most of the pumps are geared, which just happens to be one of our specialities.

In addition, we can also make shafts to drive auxiliary units or spur gears to transmit power between the engine and the gear box. Just send us your parts! To get the best out of your vehicle, we can also make modifications to gear ratios.

Your requirements are what drive us.

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